What we're doing now: In English today!


(The best Pizza in India, Pushkar with Takehiro, Takuma)



I like to write an article in English today, no reasons, just I feel like it today. Usually we write articles in Japanese, about  'Unexpected findings in India".I hope my English getting improved as I spend more and more time overseas.


When you have come to India even once,as a foreigner,  you faced that simple fact, "Impossible is Nothing" in India. But, we can't keep the feelings which impressed us very much at the first time. We are writing this Blog not to forget about that feelings, and not to forget our native perspectives from Japan, India can influence us easily, that's what I like about India.


I have been posting that articles on FB many times and those are all in Japanese though some of my foreign frinds gave "Like" to our articles! That's so happy and I want to say thank you to you in this occasion.  


I'm in Hyderabad now and doing internship here. I've been here for 5 months and will go back to Japan on 28th in this month. So it's coming to the end. I always miss here after I back to Japan, then it comes to my mind, "you should go somewhere now!" I'm not sure that I will go somewhere again or stay in Japan after this, but yes, now I should focus on what I'm doing here, eat biriyani as much as possible in Hyderabad. I should talk about what we do in this internship for people who care us like" What are they doing?! Is he alive?!" Thanks, we are very much alive.


To improve my english fluency, I decided to write some of articles in English.Yes, I determined with my weak-willed nature. Thank you for reading to the end!